Friday, February 13, 2015


heart full of fear,
eyes in constant tears.
I look at the stars and the stars smile at me,
God is too busy ,forgot to read my plea.
Night is silent ,so is the day,
puppets are the dwellers with mind made of clay.
I am too nervous to face the opponents with no means to pray,
talent has gone rusty with obstacles occupying the way.
Love shows the way, how I should be,
caged in constraints my soul wants to be free.
You are my strength,giving me air to breathe,
holding my hand, you look at me with happiness guaranteed.
You my love come to me and hold me tight,
with you by my side, everything is out of my sight.
I don't know the future what is bestowed for me,
but my soul will leave me if you are not around,for everything is meaningless without thee.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

my beloved

Running far away from the world of greed,
life loses meaning when nature starts to bleed.
I know a tree in my vicinity my beloved mate,
spent hours lying in its shade when my granny used to narrate.
Served too many childhoods with its love and care,
found place in farmer's brunch and villagers' prayer.
Climbed on it ,hid behind its trunk,
eyes get wet ,heart aches watching my friend getting shrunk.
In corporate world of today, it has lost its sheen,
people who were yester years children walk past by unmoved busy in their daily routine.
People lose their meaning as life moves on,
Oh! I forgot you are just a tree and they are just your caretakers' clone.
The day has arrived when you'll be sacrificed in the name of development and progress,
fooling around ,we are taking giant leaps of destruction rendering nature and our future lifeless.
I'll miss you mate and your memoirs have found place in every corner of my soul,
forgive them a dying warrior ,for they don't know you'll still benefit them one day when you'll become coal.

Monday, March 4, 2013

just for you....

i know you tend to be a bit scared when you ponder over your past ,
but don't you worry i will be there with you till the very last.
Remove all fear which prevents you from coming to me ,
I don't have much time left to express my love which you refuse to see.
I live on a planet away from earth as you do ,
I am a lonely bird lasting with a hope to be with you.
Love might have lost meaning to you ,
but not the moments which bring happiness to you.
I can bury my feelings beneath the burden of your fear ,
but I ask you for a maiden flight full of laughter and joy , removing away the last drop of tear.
call it love , call it friendship or something else ,
but you've become the person for me wherein my happiness  dwells..........

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

love that could be mine

A dive into an ocean of feelings about the one ,
after whom my imagination often tends to run.
Sleepless nights with hope of being with you someday,
thinking about you forcing atheist in me to pray.
Happy moments are cherished night after night,
eyes turn sad on a vision other than your sight.
Love is not spending entire life with one whom you live for,
it is just expressed in short lived moments full of furor.
Perhaps your absence is inevitable but the present is dear to me ,
but yes seed has been sown in my heart , it can't be stopped from turning into a tree.
though our future is bleak,time is unpredictable,
but how can i stop thinking about you, when i like believing in things which are often unbelievable.

Friday, December 28, 2012

root and the wicked stem

Notorious imagination does exhibit on the road ,
when character of a man starts to erode .
Teachings and preachings dumped to satisfy desperation ,
you give up to greed and fall prey to the situation.
Carrying human face you ,tun into an animal ,
how do you intend to survive in society when you are no less than a cannibal .
You suppress by force and crush the dreams ,
unaware of the fact , your soul will be swallowed in the sufferer's screams.
Silence is not an indication of being weak  ,
it's just a high tide under formation ,waiting to be unleashed just when things start getting bleak.
You might act opportunistic , beat them again and again but not defeat them ,
because a tree can't be destroyed when they are the roots and the devil in you is just a stem.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

lost journey

a night as beautiful as it was never seen ,
took me to a breathtaking journey to which i had never been.
watched in awe the colossal extent of the path ,
serene was the aura in which my shadow took bath.
the curiosity grew larger and larger watching the stars in galore ,
watching the majestic planets  further increased the furore.
tireless journey sought to take gigantic leaps mile after mile ,
asteroids were jumped one after the another ,perhaps turned upset by my sardonic smile.
thunderstorms and lightening expressed anger with might ,
but were soon handled defeat fetching the appreciation of meteors passing by the site.
saturn felt nostalgic ,titan presented glorious sight,
but got amazed soon watching the mountains dressed in white.
lost the way , in want of curiosity , got discouraged knowing no one existed to hear the scream,
got my way back to earth , realising i was stoned and the journey was no more than just a dream....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

flight of the dead

flew like a bird in the darkest of the skies ,
his mind was such which no knew no ties.
smoke and smoke everywhere,
wings turned black with a thick dusty layer.
dashing and crashing with no signs of hope ,
directionless he flew with mind drowned in dope.
making a mockery people watched the sight ,
but got puzzled soon after watching him put up a fight.
birds of clear skies went the other way round,
went flawless fetching the roar of the crowd.
he flew his heart out as the race of life approached its end ,
something awkward which wasn't the part of usual trend.
dying in pain he flew past ahead the struggling birds with might ,
gained the respect , perhaps the only one to complete the fight.......